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We hope that the following information will answer most of your questions. For those that were left unanswered please don't hesitate to call or email us

  • We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our planning services. This will provide accurate measurements that account for room dimension, electric outlets, water lines and drain pipes, filler pieces, ceiling height, windows, doors and more. This simple and inexpensive service will give you peace of mind and could prevent costly mistakes. If you order our measurement service we now offer $100 credit towards your IKEA wardrobe purchase, making the meeasurement service esentially free

  • For standard installations we have a standard per unit charge. It is very difficult to estimate the actual cost of a complete remodel or installation. To estimate your cost we will need a detailed design, item list, and/or an on-site visit. Take a few moments to fill out our questionnaire, E-mail us or give us a call. Once we have received the information we will give you a good idea of your cost.

  • Yes. We are general contractors and can coordinate your entire project including plumbing, electrical, dry wall and more.

  • A wardrobe installation can take between several hours to several days depending on the complexity of the installation. A kitchen installation can take between 1 day to several days depending on size and services included. A full project which may include demolition, plumbing, drywall and electrical work might take up to 7 days or more.

  • If you are acting as your own project manager or "general contractor" you need to be ready for the challenges any large project can hold. Be sure you have completed all of your planning in advance. It is very important that work is performed in the correct order. Have all of your structural, electrical and plumbing completed, including any preparation for fixtures (like recessed lighting, sinks etc.), before you do the drywall. Sound obvious? It is if you have the right experience. Keep in mind that IKEA kitchens and wardrobes are designed around the "frameless" concept that is the industry standard for Europe. Ikea offers contemporary design with a European feel at great value and quality with a 25 year warranty on all cabinets. Many local installers are unfamiliar with this type of cabinetry and approach the installation process with a "how hard can it be" attitude. Most North American cabinets are preassembled "face-frame" cabinets and most installers only have experience with this type of installation. Here at Ike Kitchen Installations we know the Ins and Outs of frameless cabinetry. We will install your cabinets according to manufacturer's instructions which are the only way to install it right.

  • Ike Kitchen Installations does not recommend an "assembly only" or an "installation only" service. We are very particular about how the cabinets are assembled as the strength of the frames is based on proper assembly. We know what we are doing and strive for only the highest standard of installation. We have visited countless job sites where the repair costs alone amounted to what the initial cost should have been. Countless installations make perfect! We do not say all of this to sell you more services (although admittedly that is what happens when we assemble and install). We find our customer satisfaction levels (which we measure) are higher when we perform both services.

  • We specialize in CaesarStone, Granite and Marble countertops however we can install IKEA butcher block countertops and some Laminates. Please call us at (818) 732-4172 to discuss countertop installation.

  • If we order the part we guaranty our work. We will replace any defective part and get any missing parts at no extra cost.

  • At this time we serve the following territories Los Angeles County San Gabriel Valley Ventura County Orange County We are increasing our service area constantly, so please give us a call if you feel we could service your area.

  • Yes. Don't hesitate to ask us for a certificate of insurance.

  • Yes. Obviously IKEA is our greatest reference, however please call us or email us for a list of references. Where possible we will gladly invite you to a jobsite to see a work in progress.

  • Yes

  • Yes. See our Planning Services Page for details.

  • Yes, depending on the project.